Shine Through The Rain

Project BeamON’s vision is to bring warmth, comfort and peace to anyone who has been personally touched by cancer, worldwide.


Project BeamON’s core values are to EMPOWER & INSPIRE Others to bring WARMTH, COMFORT and PEACE
to those touched by cancer one Reiki-blanket at a time.


We are excited about the launch of our PARTNERED INITIATIVE Program. This program is for organizations that work with or donate to adults and children with cancer. For more information on how your organization can participate in this program contact

Shine Through The Rain

STTR and Project BeamON recently formed a partnership that will greatly benefit men, women, and children facing life with cancer. STTR’s Healing Spirit Tote Bags and Bear-Able Gift Bags will now include a Project BeamON Reiki blanket!


Christmas 2013 there were over 750 (known cases) children in hospital having treatment for cancer. Shine Through The Rain sent a Bear-Able Gift Bag to each one of these children.

This year 2014, Project BeamON has raised enough funds to donate 100 Reiki-blankets to STTR specifically for this initiative at Christmas time. Project BeamON’s goal for 2015 is to raise enough funds to donate Reiki-blankets to STTR to have included in all the Bear-Able Gift Bags.


Together let’s make a difference for all children with cancer one-Reiki-blanket at a time! For more information on how you can send-a-Reiki-blanket at Christmas time to a child in hospital recieving treatment for cancer contact

For more information on Shine Through The Raina please visit