Our blankets offer comfort and warmth for a feeling of well-being to someone touched by cancer A $50 contribution will fund one
Reiki-blanket to anywhere. 

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With your financial support, Project BeamON can continue supporting people with cancer one blanket at a time. 
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Volunteers needed! Together we can help Project BeamON pursue its goal of donating
Reiki-blankets to adults and children
touched by cancer. 

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Project BeamON is making a difference
for adults and children with cancer worldwide
one Reiki-blanket at a time!

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This initiative began in 2011 with one Reiki-blanket making a difference
 a loved one touched by cancer.

Project BeamON’s Reiki-blankets have now touched the lives of over 1100 people with cancer and their families and friends. In a short period of time, Project BeamON has created global awareness through the lives of people who, in the past were lost as to how to help a loved one going through their journey after being diagnosed with cancer. Project BeamON can fill this void by offering everyone around the world the opportunity to send an Reiki-blanket to a loved one touched by cancer to offer them warmth, comfort and peace.

The blankets are made of 100% Canadian-milled organic cotton, custom made locally for Project BeamON. They are machine washable for long-lasting comfort and durability. They have been
attuned to Reiki energy with warmth, comfort and peace by our volunteer Reiki Masters to inspire a sense of well-being.

proud-to-be-canadian-canada-dayProject BeamON is a proud Canadian Non-Profit-Organization

Project BeamON was inspired  by the heartfelt journey into the soul of Rose

So many of us have been affected by knowing someone who has or had cancer – a family member, a friend, or a business associate – and we just don’t know what to do. Project BeamON offers the ideal solution, a Reiki-blanket made of soft organic cotton available to send to anyone affected by cancer. This gift, is a Canadian milled organic cotton Reiki-blanket inspired to wrap our loved ones in a Reiki-blanket for comfort, warmth and peace.