Meet the Board

Rose A. Weinberg
Founder, CEO, Chair

Rose A. Weinberg Lives in Richmond Hill with her family. She is a Homeopath, Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Educator, Fulfilled Wife & Mom as well an Author of two books; ‘Go Forward’ 2005 and ‘the feelgood life!’ 2013. Rose has a private practice, leads workshops and is an inspired speaker empowering people to simply feel good. Rose is the president of The Feel Good Company Inc., Founder, CEO and Chair of Project BeamON. Through personal adversity with illness, passionately driven to feel good herself, Rose went back to school and completed various degrees in complementary health practices. Reiki helped Rose with her anxiety and fear; she is now an international educator on Reiki and uses it personally and professionally. Today Rose is a leading influence in wellness.


What does Project BeamON mean to Rose?  “Project BeamON’s key mission is to offer comfort and warmth to people with cancer. It also is an incredible support as the ideal gift for loved ones to send when they fear someone has been diagnosed with cancer. After losing my grandmother, at a young age to cancer, I always feared the disease and felt helpless when hearing that people were diagnosed. Now Project BeamON files that helplessness with the ideal gift to offer comfort and warmth which Reiki has to offer all packaged up in a beautiful organic cotton blanket.


When I had the blessing to be with my cousin during her cancer treatments and share Reiki Energy with her I felt comforted when I she shared that the Reiki made her feel peaceful and calm. When I was inspired with the special attunement for Ruth’s blanket, I immediately acted upon this so she could use it during treatment, nap time or anytime she needed the warmth and comfort that her Reiki-blanket offered. Upon leaving to come home, I felt some peace that Ruth would be wrapped in the calmness, peacefulness and balance of Reiki Energy anytime she used her blanket. February 2011 I shared the idea with my family, clients and friends that it was time to create a way to donate Reiki-blankets to people with cancer worldwide!”


Frances Adler
Interpreting Operations Manager – Vice Chair

Frances Adler is the Director of Interpreting Services at All Languages Ltd. With over 25 years of customer service experience, Frances oversees the interpreting department, provides Account Management and employee team building programs.  Frances is also a Reiki Master and owns a catering company, For the Gourmet Appetite.


What does Project BeamON mean to Frances?  “As a Reiki Master, Project BeamON gives me the opportunity to continue paying it forward. Knowing that we touch the lives of so many people affected with cancer is very important to me. Like so many people, cancer has touched my life; both my parents had cancer with my mother dying of the disease over 23 years ago and very close friends have breast cancer. I wish my parents could have received a Reiki-attuned blanket surrounding them with the love and warmth it provides. Whether it’s an attuned blanket or the informal education on Reiki Energy Therapy, Project BeamON is a true g-d sent to those people affected with cancer.”


Howard Silverberg
Accountant – Treasurer

With over 30 years in the financial world as a professional accountant, Howard provides business solutions for small to mid-sized business owners. In addition, he teaches businesses and individuals the effective use of financial ratios to track performance and make informed decisions about operational and organizational performance.


As an accountant, his mandate is to educate and mentor individuals and businesses on the virtues of understanding the numbers, thus maximizing profits, while reducing taxes.  This is accomplished by diligently staying focused on the business and making the necessary adjustments and changes where warranted.


Howard lives and works in Woodbridge, Ontario but services the entire GTA and surrounding regions.   What drives Howard is the constant recommendation of clients for a job well done.


What does Project BeamON mean to Howard?  “It’s the opportunity to lend a hand to those less fortunate, with the notion that we can truly make a difference in peoples’ lives affected by cancer. Everyone has been touched at some point by someone afflicted with this dreaded disease. Having the opportunity to step up to the plate is a challenging, yet rewarding, opportunity which we must grab by the horns.”


Dr. Brian Berger
Family Physician and Board Certified Palliative Care Physician

Dr. Berger is a Family Physician and Board Certified Palliative Care Physician practicing in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  He is a Fellow of College of Family Physicians of Canada, Program Director and Chief of Continuing Care, Palliative Care and Rehabilitation at MacKenzie Hospital, Richmond Hill. Dr. Berger has an extensive palliative care practice seeing patients at various stages in their end of life journey including home visits, hospital palliative care unit, acute care hospital consultations and office setting. He has lectured at numerous palliative care conferences with strong interest in communication at the end of life for care team and families and patients.


What does Project BeamON mean to Brian?  “Project BeamON offers a level of comfort to patients undergoing a stressful journey. It adds another dimension to caring, recognizing that there are a broad base of caregivers within the human network, and we all can share in this journey with our patients.”


Makarios (Mario) Keriakedes
DTM Professional Public Speaker – Director

Mario Keriakedes is a Spiritual Teacher, Author, speaking on issues of altruism, philanthropy and world peace. He is a former Sales and Marketing Director in the high technology OEM sector, and as a successful entrepreneur created a Florida based ecclesiastical supply company servicing Orthodox Churches all over North America.


What does Project BeamON mean to Mario?  “I lost both my patents to cancer at a very young age, and witnessed the profound impact of this illness on their lives, my own and many around me. I joined Project BeamON as a Director to assist the charitable organization in its efforts to provide comfort to those affected by cancer, and as a level two Reiki practitioner to educate people about the benefits of Reiki Energy Therapy.”


Gino Pincente Semi-retired Retailer
Marketing Executive – Director

Gino Pincente lives with his family in Woodbridge. He has been very active in the community coaching various recreational sports teams. He has also served the business community as a Director of the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce.


Gino has 35 years of business experience, both as a Marketing Executive with Goodyear Canada and as their authorized Woodbridge tire and auto service retailer for the past 15 years. Currently he is semi-retired and keeps himself busy selling Memberships to the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce on a part-time basis.


What does Project BeamON mean to Gino?  “I’ve faced the fear and the uncertainty, first hand that this terrible disease brings upon a family. I’ve also experienced and appreciated the comfort and support from friends and family to overcome the darkness…I am thankful that my wife is a cancer survivor.  When I met the people at Project BeamON I was truly inspired! They’re a great group who are a great source of positive support by providing Reiki-attuned blankets to people with cancer. These blankets are a welcome source of comfort and a reassurance of support to the needy. I’m proud to be of service and assistance.”


Nella Cotrupi
Lawyer, Business Consultant, and Educator – Director

Nella Cotrupi has lived in Richmond Hill for over 25 years, raising her sons here and being active in the community. As an Ontario lawyer, Nella’s early career was focused on providing front line legal services in a downtown legal clinic. She has also practiced law in the corporate/commercial field with a small law firm specializing in charity and not-for-profit law. Nella is committed to life-long education and has a PhD. She has worked for many years as an educator in the humanities and in law, as well as delivering continuing professional education for practitioners in healthcare and other fields.


In the past Nella served on the Board of Directors of A-Way Express, a social enterprise organization which operates a courier business helping individuals with a history of mental health problems. Currently Nella is a member of the family council of a wonderful nursing home, Villa Leonardo Gambin, which provides quality care for seniors with medical issues.


What does Project BeamON mean to Nella? “It excites me to know that there are organizations like this one, working on the emotional and mental health side of illness. I know through my own experiences and those of family and friends that feelings of isolation and anxiety can seriously magnify the impact of any type of illness and this will be especially so in the case of a diagnosis of cancer which is so devastating for the individual, the family and friends as well.
How wonderful to be able to reach out and make a connection through the warmth and comfort of a Reiki blanket and the positive energy that is behind it. There is an entire community of support that comes with the blanket – the domino effect is a powerful tool for setting off waves of positivity and for breaking down the walls that illness can build around us.”


Laurie Hung

Laurie Hung currently works as an Account Manager at a leading consumer products company. She has her Masters degree in Business Administration, an undergrad in Commerce and is a licensed Realtor. She enjoys travelling, managing her home renovations and spending time with her Shiba Inu puppy.


What does Project BeamON mean to Laurie? “I have lost several beloved family members and friends to Cancer. It’s a devastating disease, but amidst the hardship, I was able to find a glimpse of comfort through Project BeamON.


When I first discovered Project BeamON, I immediately requested a blanket for a friend’s little boy who was battling Cancer. I was thrilled to learn that my request was processed immediately and even more delighted when a couple weeks later, I received my friend’s note of thanks – Her little boy loved the blanket and took it with him tohis Chemotherapy treatments. He found the blanket to be warm and comfortable and mentioned an uplifting feeling when he cuddled with it. From that moment on, I was hooked on Project BeamON and sought ways to get involved in this fantastic organization.”