Be a part of the Partnered Initiative

BeamON’s mission is to bring warmth, comfort, and peace to those touched by cancer one Reiki-blanket at a time.

Our PARTNERED INITIATIVE Program is an integral part of bridging BeamON with other organizations, not-for-profits, and charities that work, with adults and children who are touched by cancer.

We raise funds and donate our Canadian milled, Custom-made, organic cotton, Reiki-blankets to adults and children with cancer.

How Our Partnered Initiative Program Works

Our Partners request Reiki-blankets from time to time or monthly for events, to distribute to individuals who are recently diagnosed, going through treatment for, or are a survivor of cancer.

This program is only for organizations that work with or donate to adults and children with cancer.


SIGN UP and join us in making a difference One Reiki-blanket at a time! After signing up, we will review your application, and you will hear from us within 5 business days.

Thank you!

Partner Initiative Application
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